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The World’s first assessment app for dyslexia, using artificial intelligence.

It is time for a change.

We currently have the technology and knowledge to build a reliable tool which can assess the likelihood of dyslexia with high accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence

"The power of artificial intelligence is so incredible, it will change society in some very deep ways”

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Our team has expertise in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more precisely machine learning.

We apply machine learning techniques to structured data collected from teachers, parents and professionals participating in the project. Using feedback from academics and experts in the domain of dyslexia, we are creating an algorithm able to recognize patterns of dyslexia from children using audio recordings and photos of handwritten text.

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If you are an innovative school and want to be involved in cutting edge research, we'd love to hear from you.
Ethics: HREC2019-07-611

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