A service to provide summative literacy performance reports

1. We set you up

We will provide you with a custom mobile application to collect digital samples of audio recording and handwritten text, including training on how to use it. Samples collection is done before and after your intervention.

step 1 - Gather Evidence

2. Collect, analyse & process

We manually analyse and tag every single sample with objective information such as reaction time, reading error. All the analysis criteria are based on the DSM-5

step 2 - Gather Evidence

3. Report & conclusion

We then create a neutral report of findings, plus a provision of all the before & after intervention audio recording and photo of handwritten text.

step 3 - Gather Evidence

Why do I need evidence?

Build trust

Evidence allows you to help people understand that your method is valid and in return help you build trust.

Proof Your Method

Evidence is a key factor to validate the result of your intervention. But allows you to have full credit for your work.

Reflection & Improvement

If your intervention do not provide good results, evidence are a good way to reflect and improve.

Press & Support

We have noticed that evidence in teaching and tutoring intervention needed to be clearly displayed.

Evidence is what makes us progress in society, it is what made us go to the moon. Without evidence that we could indeed launch a rocket into orbit, we would have not achieved what we have achieved.

Today, evidence of interventions for dyslexia are lacking, unfortunately, gathering evidence about such activities are not an easy game.

For this reason, we have been working to create a tool and service to create evidence and report for ANY reading and writing intervention.

Trust is important, progress is important, that is why, by gathering evidence, we could potentially launch a dyslexic rocket into orbit 🚀

Anyone providing intervention wanting to obtain or reinforce evidence to their methods, this is for you.