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Measure literacy progress overtime in less than 15 minutes per session, perfect for speech pathologists & professionals.

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Ground Breaking Technology

Based on DSM-5 criteria, our app allows you to collect audio and photographic samples. These samples are then measured to analyse literacy performance over time, based on objective criteria. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. You collect reading & writing samples

2. We measure

3. You get a report

Objective measurements

Reaction time

Reaction time​

Reaction time is the time required by the eyes to see and the brain to process, decide what to do, and transmit the information to the proper body parts.​

Self correction


Self-correction occurs when the reader, facing a difficulty, moves their eyes back over previously read material and tries again.

Reading error

Reading error​

Reading error is the difference between the user's pronunciation of the word and the correct pronunciation of a word.

Advanced measurements

Times New Roman

Times New Roman​

Reading performance with the font Times New Roman.​

Open Dyslexic


Reading performance with the font OpenDyslexic.

Real Words

Real words

Reading performance on existing words​

Non-existing words

Non-existing words

Reading performance on non-existing words.​

Ready to measure literacy performance?

Early access is limited to a few users. If you are a speech pathologist, educational psychologist or special educator, you can obtain early access. Get in touch.

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