Dystech is doing research on multiple aspect of dyslexia.

Together with academics & professional partners we are researching new ways of improving the lives of individuals with dyslexia. Bellow are the areas of research we are working on.

Artificial Intelligence & dyslexia

We study the application of machine learning algorithms to collected data. The potential use of this study is to create a computer algorithm able to assess dyslexia quickly with reliable accuracy.

We may also find new unknown patterns that could potentially benefit our general knowledge of dyslexia.

The impact of font

This study is based on measuring the impact of different fonts on literacy, more precisely Times New Roman and OpenDyslexic. The question is simple if fonts have an effect on reading and affect children’s literacy, should we rethink the way we write school books? Or should we have the ability to choose which font to use depending on the child’s level of difficulty?

Correlation between reading & writing

Reading and writing rely on related underlying processes (Graham & Hebert, 2010, 2011). For example, dyslexia involves difficulties related to processing phonological information needed for decoding words, whereas writing requires encoding phonological information when writing words.

The goal is to find new patterns of correlation by analysing photos of text and audio recordings.

Research Publications

All our publications will be directly available from this page.

They will also be available within scientific journals to which they have been published.

Research is an essential part of our work; we believe that the ordinary facts of today are the products of yesterday research.

Press & Support

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